How Beth Will Make a Difference

“Washington doesn’t know what is best for Tennessee. Challenges facing our state are best addressed on the state level, as the Founders envisioned.” - Beth

As Governor, Beth will continue to be a change agent. As Speaker, Beth has worked toward Tennessee solutions and has fought mandates from Washington, DC.

“I come from a family of avid hunters. I have been a carry permit holder for over 8 years. I know the importance and the value of our 2nd Amendment Rights. No one will infringe on those rights while I am governor.” - Beth

Dozens of laws protecting Tennesseans' 2nd Amendment rights have passed under Beth's leadership as Speaker.

Speaker Beth Harwell has a 100% score from Tennessee Right to Life, and has for the last 10 years.

“As a mother, it breaks my heart to see so many families losing their loved ones to opioid addiction. That’s why I’m fighting for reforms in this legislative session that will make a difference. Together we will win this battle.” - Beth

Beth is fighting for:
- Tougher sentencing for dealers
- Greater restrictions on prescriptions, and
- More rehab over prison

“As a mother, teacher, and your Speaker of the House, I have always made education a priority.” - Beth

Beth supported the effort to end Common Core, allow for charter schools, and led the fight for the largest investment in education without a tax increase. As a result of these common-sense reforms, Tennessee is one of the fastest improving states in the nation in education.

“We won’t become a magnet for illegal immigrants when I’m governor.” - Beth

Beth supported a law that bans sanctuary cities in Tennessee. When liberal extremists tried to make Nashville a sanctuary city in 2017, Beth joined with other conservative legislators to stop those efforts—and won.

“I’ve actually cut taxes and balanced state budgets. It won’t be any different when I’m governor.” - Beth

Beth is a faithful follower of Ronald Reagan's conservative principle: "The best social program is a good paying job." Cutting taxes and regulations to grow jobs is how Beth leads as Speaker of the House and how she'll continue Tennessee's prosperous path as governor.

“Government doesn’t create jobs. Innovators and entrepreneurs do. As Governor, I’ll get government out of their way so they can do what they do best.” - Beth


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